December 13, 2011

Rules for Successfully Working from Home

1) Forget to set your alarm. Loose your purse.
2) Spend an house digging around your room looking for your purse.  Try not to wake your guest, sleeping on the sofa, while more frantically looking for your purse.
3) Give up and sit on your bed, emailing (embarrassed) your colleagues saying you'll work from home.
4) Make breakfast with roommate and guest. Talk a lot, knowing that soon you'll have to go to your rooms and not talk to anyone, very very shortly.
5) Clean off your desk.  And by clean you actually mean stick the 6 inch pile of papers, receipts, books, and mail in a paper shopping bag "to be sorted later."
6) Gab again with your guest saying how fun it would be to have a creative office where we could all sit and do our own thing, but all be in the same place.  (Please note, no work has actually gotten done yet.)
7) Sit down at said desk and find it...well...cramped.  But boldly carry on.
8) Email roommate a charming post about Woody Allen's love letters to Diane Keaton.
9) Debate the relative merits of wrist support and mouses while using a laptop.
10) Hate your desk chair.  Rearrange.
11) Catch up on the news.  Skip checking the weather: you're not going outside, and anyway you have work to do.
12) Go get some water. Sparkling water, actually.  Work out how much it would cost you if you drank 1L of sparkling water every day you worked from home.
13) Remind Mom that you want a Soda Stream for Christmas.
14) Check on the girls.  They seem to be working well.  Both have headphones on.  Does that mean you can turn on your music?
15) Go back to your computer, start reading some, and writing a bit.
16) Check the mail. Yay!  Your Christmas present for your sister arrived!  It's beautiful!
17) Roommate peeks in: are you hungry. How about Chinese?
18) Have a real (ok, take out) lunch with roommate and guest--with grace and plates and real forks.
19) Work, solidly fortified, for 2 hours and some change.
20) Close your laptop, and pour yourself a glass of wine.  It's been a long day, and you've gotten so much done.  You definitely deserve it.

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