December 26, 2011

The Martyrdom of St. Stephen

In the worship of the Church, this week has some of the most fantastic feast days, and I am celebrating here on Ten Thousand Places. Enjoy!

Philadelphia based sculptor Anthony Visco created these incredible frieze sculptures of the life of St. Stephen for St. Stephen Martyr Parish in Foggy Bottom, Washington, DC.  Mr. Newton discusses the processes at length on his Blog of the Courtier; as a member of the parish and supporter of the fine arts, he has been following the process from its beginning.

I recently wandered down to Foggy Bottom and took a look at the doors, recently installed. They are just incredible, and I couldn't resist taking a few photographs. You can see the scenes depicted are full of life and movement and elegant expression. Above, Stephen is preaching in the marketplace.

These three panels (two above, one below), are closeup photos of the center doors. They depict the martyrdom of St. Stephen--he stands in the lower right door, extending his hand to heaven. Opposite him, on the left, are his murderers--sending stones across the door. Above, an angel extends a branch tp St. Stephen.  Above that angel is the Holy Spirit.

The doors were blessed on the Feast of Christ the King by Washington, D.C. Auxiliary Bishop Barry Knestout.  (Read more on The Catholic Standard.) Next time you're in Foggy Bottom or heading to Georgetown, do stop by and take a look at these exquisite depictions of the life of St. Stephen.

Photos by Margaret Perry.

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  1. Some great fotos, and thanks for the link! The doors are a real treasure and I hope people in DC who find themselves in the area will stop by to take a look.