December 08, 2011

Gift Guide: The Kiddos

This is my favorite gift guide to pull together.  I always always always get books for the kids on my list, but there are so many wonderful children's toys and clothing and blankets and so forth to give away, that I can't resist bookmarking them.  Sharing them here on the Gift Guides means maybe they'll be bought and given to some charming child I know.

(PS: On Monday, I'll have a Best Children's Books of 2011 list on Little Lamb Books.)

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California Wooden Teether // $12 // They have other states, too.

Ducklings T-Shirt // $20 // A free-hand adaptation of everyone's favorite ducklings.

The Racoon // $25 // In the wild, raccoons have a lot of personality. So does this one.

Ring Toss Giraffe // $29 // I;'m kind-of obsessed with giraffes right now.  Especially this guy. (He comes in other colors!)

Winterberry Dress // $60 // I don't think I could pay $60 for a kids dress, but, golly, this is so cute.

Animal Print // $29 // I'm not going to lie.  I kind of want this for myself. A great take on the ubiquitous animal poster.  (There is a matching print of Animals of Low Moral Standing, too.)

Lambswool Blanket // $69 // Hand-knitted, super soft, lovely colors.

Wooden Play Nativity // $120 //  It is all but impossible to find great nativities for kids to play with. I love this one--the exaggerated posture of the kings, the texture on the sheep, the simple paint job. Just the right amount of detail.


Paper Puppets // 8 // These beautiful paper puppets would be so fun to play with on Christmas Eve in front of a fire.

Premier Sport Kite // $49 // For the record, I've always wanted to know how to fly a kite.

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