December 12, 2011

Christmas at Cranford


Gosh, I love our apartment.  Last night Myrna and I were talking about how glad we were that we took a whole evening to decorate. (We decorated on the first Friday of Advent.) How having the house lovely, and decorated and Advent-y really gave us peace and helped us get through the last couple of weeks (and this week, which will also be insane). It is somehow less of a drudgery to have to work in the evenings when you know that the work will be done in a house that smells like pine, and has Christmas lights all over.

These are actually from last year's Christmas, but that's the trouble with film. I keep forgetting to get it developed in a timely fashion.  This year the tree is on the bookshelf, so we can see it while sitting on the sofa. It makes all the difference in the world.


  1. I wanna...I wanna...I wanna come over. PLEEEEEASE?

  2. I love these pictures.

  3. Beautiful. Love the photos:)