December 21, 2011

Advent with Houselander (III)

There are thousands of people with whom we come into contact who do not know Christ, who do not guess that he wants to be a brother, a lover, a child, a friend to them, who do not know that the gap, the emptiness they feel in their lives is there because God leaves it there on purpose, that they may hunger for his intimate presence, may accept the gift of himself!

There is in every human heart ... an empty cradle, waiting for the birth of Christ to fill it. Those who have him, those in whom he is born again day after day, have just this one work to do: to show the others that what they want, what they long for, is Christ.

Let them see that "the Lord is little and greatly to be loved" and they will do the rest. Books of theology can frighten them, noisy propaganda can drive them away, controversy can chill them, organization withers up their minds, but the joy of someone like themselves, happy in the company of God, cannot fail to show them how lovable God is.
--Caryll Houselander

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  1. I was reading that and was just going to comment on the fact that I love that very passage from the same book ... and then I saw your link. :-D