December 14, 2011

2011 Gift Guides: Awesomness

N.B. I have two more gift guides left.  Tomorrow: books for kids (since you get them on Amazon, you'll have plenty of time to order) and on Friday: local (DC) shops worth checking out on the last weekend before Christmas. PS. I am done with my Christmas shopping. I am so proud of myself.

Well, these are the left-overs. The items that defy categorization (and sometimes our budgets), but that are just awesome, and ought to be shared.

Standard Italian Military Issue Parmesan Grater //  $149 // This is clearly the best thing on the internet. PLEASE SOMEONE BUY THIS.

Mid-Century Lion Sculpture // $29 // Handsome enough for a coffee table; sturdy enough for a bookend.
Mauviel Copper Pot // $270 // The perfect pot for roasting, braising, poaching, anything.

Star Projector // $22 // All you need for an awesome party.

Shakespeare's Sonnets, illustrated by Caitlin Keegan // $13 // Lovely, sentimental, timeless.
Liberty Silk Scarf // £135.00 // Their most iconic print.  Someday, Mom, I'll buy this for you.

Kate Spade Gold Paying Cards // $18 // I am afraid these are just for vanity's sake. Gold playing cards would be hard to read in a power outage. And that seems to be the only time people play cards anymore.
The Shelia Maid // $135 // Probably the most elegant and practical and elegant drying rack ever created.

Daschund Notepad //  $12 // This just cracked me up.

Vintage Pendelton Cot // $415 // I mean, if you need a cot, you might as well have one this gorgeous, right?

Gummy Bear on a Stick // $12 // Comes in 12 flavors!

Mary with the Christ-child // $215 // An original, hand-painted icon of the Theotokos.


  1. I must have that lion for Baby Markos!

  2. isn't it handsome! i hope someone I know buys it so I can steal it away from them. though, i admit, it'd be hard to steal from someone as cute as master markos.

  3. Yesterday Bridget dubbed him as "His Adorableness". So, we've started calling him "H.A. Markos the Lion".

  4. That cheese grater is amazing!