December 07, 2011

2011 Gift Guide: Your Resident Blogger

Typically, I would save my own wish list for the last gift guide--but mom's been bugging me for it, so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone.  It's funny--usually I have one big thing that I've been planning for and hoping for, and I tell Mom that she should get it and nothing else for me. (She always gets us lots more than we ask for, though, because she's awesome.) But this year, nothing is jumping out at me.  Except: Mom, I really really really want that constellation calendar.

(PS. Some people think it really odd that we do gift lists for Christmas.  I will offer no apology, and only the explanation that giving presents is a really big deal in our house. We are very good givers and even better receivers.)

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Leather Camera Strap // $44 // This is the one thing I actually need on this list. My camera strap is threatening to break every moment.  Plus, this just looks so cool.

Jam, Jelly & Relish // $15 // I have gotten super picky about jam books recently, but Ghille James' comes highly praised.

Vintage Condiment Tray // $32 // I love the clean white ceramics, the dark wood, and the versatility if this piece.

Flamingo Tea Towel // $20 // Yes.  Please. It is awesome.

Chez Panisse Fruit // $23 // Alice Waters' intimate knowledge of the garden from a cooks perspective is beyond measure.

Aqua earrings // $17 // I used to have about 50 pairs of sea-blue and aqua earrings.  Now I've lost them all.

Fabric & Handle Elayna Tote // $49 // The perfect tote.

Design Sponge at Home // $23 // The only design book I've wanted in a long time. Grace Bonney and her team have transcended the blog in this beautiful and inspirational volume.

Galaxy Nebula Scarf // $60 // I'm kind of obsessed with scarves right now.  And stars.  And the colors!

Also: wool socks, good spatulas, and some of those long, sturdy wood spoons from Shackford's. Or, scrap all this and get me a SodaStream.  Or a gift card to Ikea, so I can finally buy new dinner plates (Skyn). Also, how many times have I asked for Cranford?

But, really, whatever strikes your fancy, Madre.


  1. Well, the calendar is gone! I hope your mom got it ;)

  2. I don't think it's odd at all that you do gift lists. Shopping for children is easy--most children will be grateful for any new toy, book, or interesting piece of clothing. Adults are so much harder to buy for, especially when you don't see each other in person often and have to ask about clothing sizes and don't know that the pretty earrings from three Christmases ago have been lost.