December 15, 2011

2011 Gift Guide: Kid's Books

Hop over to LLB for my Best Picture Books of 2011 round up.  This is my last gift guide this year. I am happy to say, I've gotten all my Christmas shopping done already. I love these years when we have a full four weeks of Advent (since Christmas falls on a Sunday). Next week, I'll really be able to focus on Advent, and less on the fuss of getting presents and all getting out cards in time and so forth.

But if you're not there yet, despair not! The weekend will be prime time to shop, and most of the items I linked to over the last two weeks have guaranteed shipping for at least a few more days.  And, there's always Amazon.  Happy shopping!

All my gift guides can be found here.

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  1. Maybe next year you can add "How Orples Came To Be" to your reading list. Unfortunately, it is too new for 2011, since it has only been available since November. However, it is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble as well. In addition to being a picture book, it has a wonderful story line. Check it out and happy reading!