December 06, 2011

2011 Gift Guide: Barfly

I'll never forget my trip back to PA after my first Christmas home (post-college graduation). My suitcase was packed to the brim with books and clothes I had left behind in CA, not to mention the Christmas presents.  And, in large Ziploc bags, surrounded by those old sweaters, were two bottles: one of No. 209 Gin and the other of Charbay Blood Orange Vodka--Christmas presents from my Mom.  My boss declared that this meant my parents thought of me as an adult.

Let's face it: the holidays are the perfect time to indulge your inner-cocktail-sophisticate.  Match the slickness of Mad Men with the creativity of artisanal spirits, add a lemon twist, and enjoy.

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Kings County Distillery Bourbon // $25 // Is it Bourbon if it's made in Brooklyn?

Cocktails Dish Towel // $15 // With recipes handily printed on the bottom.

Morris Kitchen // $13 // Boiled Apple Cider or Ginger Syrup are the perfect mixers.

Christmas Tree Highball Glasses // $32 // Have another martini and your tree will look purple, too.

Micro-Brewed Beer of the Month Club // $23/month // Micro-brews from around the world

Oji Masanori Brass Bottle Opener // $60 // You'll never lose this one.

Shop Society // $295 // The perfect bar cart.

Vintage Swizzle Sticks // $12 // shiny and fun!

Charleston Bloody Mary Mix //  $10 // Winner of Best of the South in Garden & Gun

P.S. The Cocktail Party (as opposed to The Tea Party) via Miss Hale.

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