November 24, 2011


Thanksgiving. I love that it comes right when it does--almost at the edge of the year.  I find it extremely fitting to consider the blessings of the year now, on the cusp of Advent, than later, in the midst of the feast of Christmastime. I know, we should always be grateful, and I am. But I love that for the next four weeks, as I begin to prepare my heart for the coming of Christ, I stop--we stop--to consider the many blessings of the year.  The beginning of joy is gratitude.  We cannot welcome Christ without recognizing how much He has done for us.

And once you start thinking about all the things you ought to be grateful for, you realize how little is your own work, and how much of what you love in life is His doing, His bounty, His blessing, and His loved ones, generously shared with you.

I do want to single out a few things I am especially grateful for that have to do with you:

+ The health of my friend David, for whom you all prayed so generously and graciously.  A year ago, we did not know if he would live, and now he is recovering so beautifully, walking, active, gaining strength with every day.

+ The incredible response to Mira Joy's Plum Jam. We raised over $150 for the Northwest Center in Washington, DC. And Mira Joy's parents were deeply moved by your generosity.  Thank you so much.

+ For your support, through your readership, your patronage of my jam shop, your enthusiasm and you appreciation of this blog and all my many projects. This has been a year of crossroads and big decisions. This blog is a refiner's fire of all my ideas, a chance for me to be totally creative and somehow is a community, and one I could not part with for anything!

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