November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving: 2011 Roundup

So, what are we cooking for Thanksgiving?  Well, Curry and Boy Wonder are coming down, so we're all pitching in for a huge pot-luck.  The main dish will be an incredible Italian slow-roasted pork, which I will share with you at a later date. (We have guests who make turkey and ham every day for their job, so we're avoiding turkey and ham this year.) I'm also bringing my Brussels Sprout Salad.  My sister is making incredible sweet potatoes with blue cheese and pecans, and the green beans listed below.  We have Myrna's requisite cranberry + brandy relish, classic mashed potatoes, and lots and lots of pie.  Curry is making some incredible stuffing, and Sidecar is bringing wine.  All in all: a true feast!

Ok, here's my final roundup of awesome Thanksgiving Recipes that I've earmarked, but will be saving for another day.

Start with:
Leek and Pear and Chanterelle Toasts (Happyolks)
Fall Shandy (A Sweet Spoonful)

Let's be honest, all the fun is on the side:
9 Thanksgiving Sides get a Makeover (Food 52)
Green Beans with Pickled Onions (Bon Appetit)
Raw Tuscan Kale Salad (101 Cookbooks)
Orange Saffron Sweet Potatoes (Food 52)
Jamie Oliver's Smoked Beets (Food 52)
Crispy Potato Roast (FishFood Blog)
7 Hearty Salads (Food 52)

Non-Turkey Main Courses:
Pork Cooked with Bay and Milk (Nigel Slater in The Gaurdian)
Slow Roasted Pork with Orange Slices (The Kitchn)
Fennel and Onion Gallette (Starting in December)
Scallops and Endives (Lucy's Kitchen Notebook)
Rosemary Rubbed Beef Tenderloin (Savuer)
Roast Duck with Jam Sauce (Bonnie's Jams; my Plum Jam or Blueberry would be amazing for this.)

Sweet Potato Pie with a cinnamon roll crust (Taste for Adventure)
Maple Buttermilk Pie (101 Cookbooks)
Riesling Poached Pear Tart with Spiced Custard and Almond Crust (Roost) --this is gluten free!
Pumpkin Pie with cream instead of evaporated milk! (Food 52)

10KP archive of Thanksgiving Recipes:
First Course (2008)
Dream Thanksgiving (2008)
Appetizers (2009)
Soup + Salad (2009)
Turkey + Sides (2009)
Desserts (2009)
Cheese Platter (2009)
Duck for Thanksgiving (2010)
Brussels Sprouts (2011)
Potatoes Anna (2011)
Cheater's Doughnuts (2011)

Photo from last year's Thanksgiving. The rose bowl is from Mark Hewitt Pottery.

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