November 07, 2011


The leaves have not peaked yet here in Washington.  It is very surprising to me, and I really hope they don't just turn from green to brown.  However, we are having a lovely bit of fall weather: sunny, on the warm side, but with frosty nights.  I am determined to eat my lunch outside as often as humanly possible in the coming weeks.

The weekend was gorgeous and full. Peruvian chicken with Mambo on Friday. An early morning at G+B on Saturday. Then Sterns and I headed out to Finn's place and we brewed beer, baked bread, made jelly, danced to latin music, saw Maelstrom's awesome photos of Cuba, recited Richard Wilbur, and gabbed, and laughed, and then went to a bonfire, and came home merry and smelling of ash and autumn. It was the fullest 8 hours I can remember.

Sunday, thankfully, I slept in, and met some old, dear friends I have seen in years for Mass and brunch (WAFFLES!). I ended the evening with a supremely elegant and delicious meal courtesy of Myrna, and a super intense episode of Foyle's War.  One of these days I shall tell you about our Sunday suppers and Foyle's War.  Don't let me forget.

I love November.

(Photos from last year's November Photo project.)


  1. That's so odd! Here, just a few miles west of you, we're at full peak . . . actually a little past, by my reckoning. It's GORGEOUS. Go west, young lass! :)

  2. Your life sounds amazing. Bravo.