November 03, 2011

National Sandwich Day

Though Myrna rightfully asserts that there is a "day for everything" now, I still will gladly celebrate National Sandwich Day, which, it happens, is today.  I love love love love love sandwiches.  They are possibly my favorite food ever.  And if I ever own a food store, it will be a sandwich shop. And I spend way more hours than is healthy thinking of bold new combinations for inside my sandwiches.  Here are some that I've had bookmarked for a while.

+ This is admittedly more work than most people are willing to do for a simple sandwich (fools!), but who doesn't want to devour a Grilled Tallegio and Walnut Sandwich with Roasted Grapes? (WSJ)

+ I'm saving this Curried Smoked Turkey Salad Sandwich for Thanksgiving leftovers. Food52 has a great sandwich roundup too, here. (Food 52)

+ Slow-roasted tomatoes take this BLT over the top.  And are perfect for fall, since fresh tomatoes are less flavorful and need some help. (Not Without Salt)

+ Or sub out the tomatoes for fresh pears.  (Scanwiches)

+ Shrimp Paste is a fun alternative to tuna salad, and just as versatile.  (Design*Sponge)

+ Green olive tapenade with roasted beets and lots of peppery arugula.  You won't miss the deli meats, I promise you. (Photo, above, from My New Roots.)

No, I am going to go home and make a sandwich (aged Gouda, quick roasted onions, grainy German mustard, and spinach on home-made whole-wheat sourdough) for dinner and a sandwich (marshmallow fluff and cherry jam on graham crackers) for dessert.

UPDATE: Hepburn sent me this.  Oh yes:

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