November 30, 2011

Music Mix: Advent

My friend Maddy told me once she only listens to advent music in Advent.  This is most admirable, but most of my sacred Christmas music is in Latin and I don't know what the translations are and so it was actually really hard to get this mix together.  I don't have a very deep bench when it comes to Christmas Music, but I will admit, what I do have is really really good.

Listen on 8tracks (or click the player, above).

Watchman of Zion, Joel Cohen and the Boston Camerata, An American Christmas
Ave Maria, Chaticleer Psallite!
There is No Rose of Such Virtue, Sinfonye, Gabriel's Greeting
Quem Pastores Laudavere, Tavener Consort, The Carol Album
People Look East, Alfred Deller Consort, Hark Ye Shepherds
Fulfillment, Joel Cohen and the Boston Camerata, An American Christmas
Jesus Christ the Apple Tree, The Schola Cantorum of the Shrine of St. Francis
Veni Veni Emmanuel, Tavener Consort, The Carol Album


  1. Maggie! I've been trolling all through here trying to find where you said you were going to do your gift guide soon. (Was that this week? Next week? I'll never remember. Grades were do this week and my clock is all off!) I just wanted to say that I have SISTERS and a SISTER-IN-LAW to shop for and I'm looking for all kinds of little gifts to bundle together. Help me, Mags! :-)
    (P.S. - Hope all is well and I love the blog as always!)

  2. The Alfred Deller version of People Look East is the best, and my utmost favorite version. I love all their work, though.