November 16, 2011

Martinis as God Intended

A martini, as God intended, is of course three parts dry gin and one part French vermouth, and anything drier than that is just a glass of iced gin. --Lucius Beebe, Gourmet Magazine Oct. 1948.

A true martini also needs really good gin, and the best gin I've ever had are two brand distilled in San Francisco:  Junipero Gin & No. 209 Gin.  Keep your eye out for them; they are both sublime.  Balanced, bright, not overpoweringly piney, and really really smooth.

Photo from Eat Make Read (who posts a seasonal cocktail every week).


  1. Erik Keilholtz3:42 PM

    Ah, gin sweet gin! I also like Van Gogh from the Netherlands, and a certain home made gin made by someone we both know, but who will remain anonymous. Recently I have been making my own vermouth, and have been curing olives specifically for martinis (I use a mixture of herbs and a dash of white wine vinegar).

    Of course, with the weather turning chilly, it is more manhattan season.

  2. Oh, homemade vermouth! brilliant. You know I never want martinis in the Spring/Summer. Only in the winter.