November 15, 2011

Jams by Mags Thanksgiving Order Deadline

A couple Jams by Mags updates:

+ If you want to make an order of Jams by Mags that will be guaranteed delivery before Thanksgiving, you need to do so by 9 pm, Thursday, November 15th. They will be mailed the next day. (PS. I can't believe I spelt guaranteed correctly on the first try!)

+ If you want a 10% off coupon for your order, you need to sign up for our email updates!

+ If you're unsure what flavors to get, you can always purchase a 3 Jam Gift-card Set, and your recipient will pick their favorite jams (price includes shipping)!

+ Christmas flavors will be released on Monday, November 28th. This will include a couple of last year's Holiday favorites!  Hurrah!

Photo by Kim Maxwell Vu.  Logo and photo copyright, Jams by Mags.

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