November 08, 2011

Cooking with Grapes

I have a love-hate relationship with grapes.  I love them fresh and cold from the fridge (I'm not entirely sure that William Carlos Williams didn't mean grapes instead of plums in his poem).  I love the big slightly tart ones that you can peel with your teeth, the cold flesh bursting with juice. And how do they manage to stay cool when

On the other hand, I hate grape-flavored things. And I'm not actually a big fan of grape jelly either, though I am determined to try my hand at it this season for my brother's sake (he loves grape jelly).

As a result, I've never bothered to try cooking with grapes.  I have absolutely no idea how they taste other than fresh and cold from the fridge.

Enter Fine Cooking magazine, and their recipe for sausages with grapes and balsamic onions.  If a recipe that has sausages AND onions won't convert me to the joys of eating cooked grapes, I really don't know what will.

Other grape recipes worth exploring.  In fact, this could be a very elegant, seasonal meal:
GRAPE FOCCACHIA: apparently one of the easiest, most flavorful recipes around. (smitten kitchen)
GRAPE, CELERY, BLUE CHEESE SALAD: This is hardly cooking, but it looks so refreshing! (the kitchn)
ROASTED CHICKEN WITH GRAPES AND MUSTARD: simple, elegant, hearty and surprising. (food52)
SPICY PICKLED GRAPES: an excellent accompaniment to holiday roasts (the kitchn)
ALMOND CAKE WITH GRAPES AND PEACHES: inspired by the Manet painting, above (feasting on art)


  1. I hate grape-flavored things too (though you are oh so right about cold grapes from the fridge), so much so that even the word "grape" in something is a turnoff. Maybe I will click your links sometime, when I can get over that . . . :)

  2. as luck would have it, this came from Bon Appetit today:

  3. I had some marvelous jelly made from champagne grapes once. I wish I could remember who made it.