November 04, 2011

Clippings: Give Me Back Google Reader Edition

Miss Hale hit the nail on the head when she noted that Tuesday's clippings post was a reaction to the sad sad loss of the social aspects of Google reader.  I didn't realize until they were gone how much I loved sharing things, knowing that a (admittedly small) group of friends were on the other side, happy to see what I found interesting that day. I haven't decided on a good replacement.  Maybe I'll post more on twitter?  I don't know.

Anyway, this is a long post because I have so much to share!

+ Why yes, I have always wondered how sea-salt is harvested.  (Photo, above, from the Kitchn)

+ Everyone is redesigning their websites these days.  Besides Google Reader and Gmail redesign, I am very frustrated with the redesign of Food52. Their slideshow feature does not seem to be working, and there is not easy link to the recipe itself.  Even the 10 minutes it took for me to locate the actual recipe didn't deter my desire to make these fruitcake-inspired brownies.

+ How to be a Retronaut continually pleases with its amazing photographs from days gone by.  Particularly fascinating this week was this series of Irish immigrant children in London in the 80's.

+ In response to a diatribe in Huffington Post, William Newton shares his personal thoughts on the role (read, importance) of women in the Church.
When shocking events took place around the world, such as when President Reagan was shot, or when the Space Shuttle Challenger blew up as we watched on television, the sisters and the lay women of my school gathered us together to pray, and to comfort those of us who needed comforting. If we heard an ambulance or fire truck pass outside, alarms blaring, they would stop teaching, and have us pray for the rescuers and the victims of whatever tragedy was unfolding nearby. They organized busloads of us to go on spiritual retreats, or to visit historic sites both Catholic and civic where we could learn more about our Church and about our country. In short, these women taught me, both directly and by their example, that Catholics were and ought to be out there in the world, using their brains, their talents, and their faith in as well-integrated a whole as possible.

+ Well now, this is helpful: Tasting Table's guide to DC's Best Cocktails.  (There's one for all their cities, just click on the drop down menu.)

The Elegant Onion. Enough said.  (Saveur)

+ This my kind of late-night impulsive shopping (good thing I always forget my ebay password.) (Brick House)

+ I admit. I never stop craving summer.  But these vintage Dutch photos of the beach that Miss Moss found and posted ignited that craving all over again.  I have been consoling myself with the daily wearing of my favorite boots. Not all aspects of fall are bad.

+ My mom always talked about things a woman should have or know how to do when she is on her own.  She should have a cobbler, a tailor, and a dry cleaner.  She should know how to jump a car.  She should know how to buy meat.  She should not be ashamed to buy herself flowers. (NY Times)

+ Please let Bill King win the Frick award.  (Winners announced Dec. 6!)

+ Personally, I hate WedMd, and the whole diagnose-yourself-mentality.  My own version of hypochondria is well offset by my laziness.  Any number of horrible things may be wrong with me, but, hey! I'm not dead yet.  Anyway, I really took to this article on Patheos noting the dangers of a diagnostic approach to, not our physical well being, but our spiritual one.

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