November 10, 2011

Clippings: Day Early

I'm doing my clippings post today, and taking tomorrow off in honor of our Veterans.

+ Working on Saturdays means I miss my favorite Farmer's Market, and I have not been able to get flowers from the market all year long.  This is devastating to me, so I am excited for my day off this Saturday.  I'm getting inspiration from the amazing, seasonal bouquets featured on the blog Honey of the Thousand Flowers (Kinfolk).

+ Stearns, Carrot, Myrna and I are sort-of beginning to think about considering looking for a house instead of our beloved apartments. To which I say: I require a fireplace, stained glass, gothic ornaments, and a flower room.  That's possible in Nova, right?  (English Muse)

+ A true lover of sandwiches, but even this "Shooter's Sandwich" intimidates me with its awesomeness and intensity.  (The Gaurdian)

+ A couple months ago, Sr. Margarita Aloysious sent me this piece in the Post about that Gaithersburg, MD, Perpetual Adoration Chapel. I finally read it this week. It's quite good. (Washington Post)

+ Heavy Fog by Edward Gordon

+ The Oxford Companion to Beer is on my Christmas Wish List and Giving List. Here's The New Republic's review.

+ What?  Art Deco Super Heroes.  YES. (How To Be a Retronaut)

+ Joe Carter has his cranky pants on today about the world's most expensive photograph.  But I can't blame him.  I took almost exactly the same photograph when I was home this summer.Where's my $4.3 million?

+ Awesome People Reading? (Man, I love Tumblr.)  (via The Paris Review)

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  1. hey--I was going to blog about awesome people reading! :)