October 10, 2011

Word, Words, Words

My Aunt Dolly is a remarkable woman.  80 years old, and the most stylish woman I know, by a long shot.  She retired from teaching fifteen years ago, and yet...

When I went to visit her this weekend, she had to show me the recent notice from her apartment complex about changes in the parking lot that affect tenants. It was written in such terrible English that she corrected it as if it were one of her student's tests. It was hilarious.

English is, of course, a marvelous language with lots of subtle and versatile words.  But we do stumble every now and then.  We might say we're "stuffed" (an awkward and unseemly word) but how do we say "I'm so full but the meal is so delicious I must continue to eat"?  Georgia (the country, not the state) has a word for that: shemomedjamo. It means "I accidentally ate the whole thing."

(The Georgians are clever, they also have a word for "the day after tomorrow"--zag.  I am going to start using this word.)  For more fabulous words that we don't have in English but ought to, click here. (Mental Floss)

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