October 19, 2011

Jams by Mags Logo Design

Today I'd like to walk you through some of the design process of the logo.  I am so thrilled with my logo, and so appreciative of all your love, too.  It was designed by the wizard, Daiva Grubb, of Design in August.

This was perhaps the hardest of all the tasks I set for myself this year. I had a million different ideas, and a very limited budget, and no clear vision of what I wanted. Thankfully, Daiva patiently sorted through my ideas and distilled them into a logo that is classic but distinctive and unique, and that can hold its own as the company grows.

We started with an collection of inspiring images that served as inspiration: colors, objects, other jam labels I love, and food styling photos that really captured my vision for my jams.  (Clockwise from top left: Persephone Post / It's Mary Ruffle Tumblr / Mariel's Wedding / What Katie Ate / Design in August / Tell Tale Preserve Society /  Whistler's Nocturne Blue and Silver: Cremorne Lights)  Then I'd email her with nonsensical statements like "Stars!  I LOVE stars!" and "PINK!"

From those scattered and enthusiastic scraps, Davia pulled together a collection of potential logos.  She also had the brilliant idea of using rubber stamps for my labels, business cards, and note-cards. It was exactly what I was looking for: a handmade touch, that shows how much care I put into every single jar.  (She also designs personalized return address stamps.)

Some of our original designs were too retro; a common theme in the hand-made food movement is hearkening back to "the good ole days." When I realized I wanted simplicity, and timelessness, but still unique, Daiva suggested we use my actual signature in the logo.  And with that, our logo was born.

And I love it!  Don't you?

Logo and photos (except collage) copyright Jams by Mags, 2011. 
Logo design by Daiva Grubb for Design in August

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