October 28, 2011

Clippings: St. Jude's Sunny Morning

Happy feast of St. Jude!  I hope you have a blessed day, and that your novena went well, and your prayers were answered.  Washington put on it's prettiest sunlight this morning in celebration.  Above is the field next door to the Dominican House, that used to house a horrendous brutalist dorm building for CUA.  They are going to build something there, but right now, it is just so pretty.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks' little break from the regular program.  Let's see: what did I do that I didn't tell you about this week?  I finally saw Moneyball, and it was fantastic.  Gosh, I loved that team.  I went and heard the DC Youth Orchestra play Dvorak's New World Symphony.  They did a good job, but the second movement dragged.  Except for the french horn--she was marvelous.  I worked a lot. I had to stand in line to get into the party store to get the final piece of my costume. A line to get in?  What is this? A Club?  I was so irritated, I went and bought myself new boots.  (They were seriously on sale, and the last pair!)

+ Well it probably won't but it might...SNOW! I am glad I'll be wearing a wool dress for my halloween costume.

+ We're quickly approaching the first Sunday of Advent (eek!), and many parishes have started using the new translation in their masses.  Anthony Esolen has a fantastic piece in First Things about the new translation. As a translator himself, he has a marvelous and unique perspective.

+ Someone drove a Honda, with it's original engine, 1 million miles

+ Letters of Note wants to publish and book, and he wants our help. I am so in.  Especially because he finds the coolest things--like a 350 year-old book written in code that has never been deciphered.

+ Need a halloween decoration.  Make this fun pac-man banner.

+ Joe Lawler responds to David Frum: Living in the Rose v. Wade World

+ Maud Newton has a great piece on slang and the internet in The Awl.

+ Michael Pollan has a new book out, with illustrations by the cheeky and brilliant Maria Kalman.  Food Rules is a more practical approach to eating, and he's revealing some of his rules each day leading up to Tuesday's launch.  Check them out here. Pre-order the book here.

+ Loved this collection of literary links, from The Paris Review (it's a weekly series).  And this, from Miss Hale.

+ Just discovered (from who?  Pourbrew?) Boomerang: a service that lets you schedule sending emails from gmail.  This is the one thing I still don't understand why Gmail doesn't have.  It seems so basic a feature, and they are typically so innovative.  But then, we don't love all their innovations, either...

+ Roasted Lemon Chutney.  YES.

ALSO: If you're in DC on Monday evening, and have nothing to do, I recommend you come to the Dominican House's annual All Saints Vigil (pdf of the flyer).  If you're in New York, there's one now in NYC, now, too!

Next week, we're taking a trip to Mission Dolores, and I have a new music mix to share, and lots of other fun things.  See you then.

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  1. I meant to send you this yesterday, in case you haven't already found it: http://video.pbs.org/video/2152291796/ (The Decembrists and Gillian Welch on ACL)