September 21, 2011

New Music: Mr. Standfast

I remember when I first gave Electronic Music a chance.  Anna had given Dad a cd, and we were listening to it in the car, and Dad had a little revelation.  "Kids," saith he, "It's like a 16th century dance tune, only on a synthesizer."  My dad.  He's so clever. (It's true, too: La Spagna / Ratatat.)

Well, my friend Mr. Standfast and Dad can sit and talk about music for hours. These men know music. And it's like moth to a flame when they get together because finally they have someone to talk to about this stuff. And, as it happens, Mr. Standfast has released a really great album of electronic music (available on Amazon & iTunes).

My favorite track from the self-titled album is "Tempest" which you can listen to in full here. (You can also here another track, Sea Rocks Fox.)  On Audio Tool there are lots of other great tracks too, which you can stream.  I especially like: "Knowledge and Grace" "Cheerful Tunes for the End of Summer" and his remix of Bach's Prelude and Fugue 1, No. 2 in C Minor.  Like I said: dude knows music.

So go ahead and buy the album. Here's a review of the album from the blog Odd Bloggings.  Also, you can follow him on Facebook.  (Yes, he named himself after the Buchan novel of the same name.)

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