September 29, 2011

Join us at the Arlington Flea!

R and I are going to be at the Arlington Flea Market this Saturday, Oct. 1st.  We've got:
Baby clothes (R has seriously awesome taste in kids clothes.)
Toys Toys Toys
Dishes and serving ware (some antique)
Random household objects (some antique)
Espresso Machine and coffee maker
2 lovely, versatile high-chairs
Strollers and outdoor baby equipment
More books
Some assorted furniture (desk, chair, maybe a sofa)
Women's clothes and accessories
Did I mention books?
The books will be varied: cookbooks, style and art, fiction, and classics and great books, and books of political philosophy.

In addition to all that, R's sister Sarah Coffin will be selling some of her pottery and her amazing driftwood shelves and hooks (examples, below).

So join us (and bring us coffee!). The Flea Market is really great, and there are all sorts of vendors--antiques silverware and ancient hardware, and record collectors and jewelry and typical jumble-sale and, honestly, some really exquisite pieces.  I can never visit and walk away empty handed (it's where I got this beautiful cabinet--a real steal!).  And this is the second-to-the-last sale of the calendar year, so hop to it!

Can't wait to see you there!

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