September 16, 2011

Clippings: NYFW

The boys who read this blog think they've escaped their dreaded fates, but they haven't.  This clippings is all NWFW focused because I cannot help myself.

+ Why, yes, I do want to know how to make a turban out of a pair of leggings.  Check out this tip and others from the over-70's set on the blog Advanced Style.  Seriously, these gals are fabulous.

+ I promise this won't be a Jamie Beck Love-fest (though, honestly, how could it not be?), but can we just stop for a minute and think about how gorgeous and ladylike she is (above), and how damn fine she is at her job. Also, I just really love her photo (also above) of a pin cushion at Oscar de la Renta.

+ Speaking of which, one of the most fascinating things this year in Fashion Week has been the explosion of new media surrounding the event.  At the very forefront is Oscar de la Renta, who's ladylike fashions are timeless in the sense that they always feel fresh and new and beautiful.  His show was live-blogged by Miss Beck, as well as hundreds of other bloggers and aspiring fashionistas at his very own communal tumblr: OdlRLIVE.

+ Also starring this NYFW: Mr Huffy and Ms Schwinn.  And mmmmm...longer skirts! (And belated congrats to Scott Schuman on his blog redesign. I love love love web-minimalism.)

+ The Coveteur did a feature on Garance Dore's closet, which I loved.  Fashion has always been about personalities, but I love that the personalities that have really shined this year are photographers and bloggers and writers--the observers of fashion.  Note to Anna Wintour: put Jamie and Garance on the cover of Vogue.

+ Loved these two posts from Honestly WTF: Color Block, and Instagram NYFW

+ And one for the boys (well, everyone, really): A great profile of Steve Buscemi  in WSJ.

Finally, yes, I am linking to a Lady Gaga song.  WORLDS TURN.

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