September 13, 2011

Clippings: (not the) End of Summer

I don't want summer to go.  I am hanging on to it with every fiber of my being.  (So are the mosquitoes, by the by.)  On the other hand, I did by myself a pair of snappy rubber soled leather boots last week, and wore them three days in a row.

1) I could have told you a year ago that Peruvian cuisine was going to be the next big thing in the culinary world, the moment Mambo and I walked into the El Pollo Rico.  This secret is too good not to be shared.  (This was part of the WSJ's great The Off Duty 50.  Also featured: Shrubs--the vinegar infused drink!--herb and flower arranging, fun bookends, and fall's best hats.)

2) Magic Sauce. Magic Sauce. Magic Sauce. Magic Sauce. Magic Sauce. Magic Sauce. Magic Sauce. This is my newest favorite phrase.  And newest favorite recipe. It will usher me into fall. Not that fall is ever coming.

3) It's New York Fashion Week.  And I love love love all the prints in these dresses by Milk Studios, photographed by Jaime Beck (above).  Also: Fashion Week 1947.

4) Miss Manners applauds a courteous fifteen year old, and the practical and gracious response to the perceived debate between etiquette and equality.

5) The true meaning of "Icon" (by Roger Scruton).

6) Mrs. VdV sent this to me this afternoon, and I am in stitches.

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