September 13, 2011

Bright, Shiny + New!

Well, that break was a little longer than I expected it to be!  Last week was crazy crazy busy (because it was my birthday and my friends are awesome and threw me a surprise party and oh, boy oh boy, there was lots of merriment and recovery to be had).

But the time did not get wasted.  I did a lot of hard thinking about what I want this blog to be, and what you want it to be (based on your lovely responses to the survey.) I realize that over the past couple of months I have been a lazy editor.  I was more concerned with posting content twice a day than with making sure the content was actually relevant and good.  I know you guys still love it (you're so kind!), but I was dissatisfied, and that made working on the blog feel like a chore.  The moment doing something I love becomes a chore is the moment I need a break and a good long think.

Well, here I am and there are a couple of things I'm changing:
THE SERIES: You are a fickle bunch about my series (what is the plural, anyway?).  Half of you counted Quotables as your favorite series and the other half as your least favorite.  Well, I guess this reflects the cultivated randomness of the blog.  For my part I used the series as a crutch; whenever I wasn't feeling inspired, I forced myself into the box of one of my series.  Now I am looking at the series as a challenge: I won't be posting in each of them every week, rather I'll make sure that each one I post is really stellar content. (The only exception being the Clippings post on Fridays. It's one of my favorite posts to make for you, and you looooooove it, so it's staying put.)
PHOTOGRAPHS: I am, however, going to start posting a daily photograph (the same photograph that will be posted on Wonderment).  I was so so so encouraged by your amazing response to my photography. I love this medium, and feel like I've learned more in the last ten months than in the entire time I was behind a camera in High School. So look for that every morning at 10ish.

As far as features are concerned: I am looking for widgets to put at the bottom of each post that will direct you to similar posts.  (In the meantime, you can always use the tags.)  And next week I will have a button in the sidebar to allow you to subscribe by email.  Plus, I'll be adding more of the charming yellow buttons in the sidebar, so that you can access all the best content (and I can get rid of that clunky tag cloud).

And don't forget to check out the new blogroll page.  This afternoon, a catch-up Clippings post.  loves!

PS. I built the site in Chrome, but still have to work out some kinks in other browsers.  If you see anything wrong or find links that don't work or design elements that won't load, please let me know!
PPS. For you RSS readers: here's a screen-capture of the new blog.  Come on over and check it out!