August 10, 2011

Jazz Love: Rock and the Great American Songbook

Most of the jazz I love is part of whats know as the Great American Songbook. These songs are more identified with a particular songwriter than performer--and have been performed and recorded by many different artists through the entire last century. They are so incredible versatile that many of these songs are recorded by rock stars, country stars, in a bluegrass style or a blues style etc. etc.--they can be reinterpreted over and over again.  Today I thought I'd share a handful of jazz tunes done by various stars of other genres, to awesome effect.  The Chet Akins and Fiona Apple tunes are done as jazz, which I love.  Predictably, Eric Clapton and BB King reinterpret one of my very favorite Johnny Mercer tunes as blues.  And Joe Crocker and Janis Joplin totally transform classics into smokin' rock-and-roll.  Do you have any other cross-over favorites?

Sorry this lead is so boring and staid.  My mind is filled with dull language and catch phrases as I am writing a lot of formal stuff for work these days.  But seriously: this music rocks.

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