August 29, 2011

Jams by Mags Winner & Blogging Break

Jams by Mags / Photo by Kim Vu

We were very fortunate in the outcome of Hurricane Irene.  It was a long long long storm--starting at about noon and continuing till 5 am--but it wasn't incredibly severe.  We went out a couple of times to feel the wind and play in the rain, which was a lot of fun.  (You can never do that in thunderstorms because of the lightning.)  We played a rather involved card game and ate a lot and fell asleep with the wind whipping and the rain still falling steadily.  But Sunday morning!  It was beautiful and clear and warm, with a strong, invigorating breeze.  Perfection.  All you New Englanders and New Yorkers will have that feeling this morning.  Relish it.

 Katherine Hepburn, in the famous 1938 hurricane, was out playing golf on her family estate when the storm approached. It destroyed everything. There was no warning because there was no Doppler Radar. Though Irene was not as bad as expected, I am grateful that we were prepared.  Now we have a store of water on hand for whatever disaster comes our way next, and we won't have to buy tuna fish for a while. I hope people won't turn this into a boy-who-cried-wolf story.  This storm turned out not to wreck havoc because we were prepared.

ANYWAY: Thanks, everyone, for taking the Ten Thousand Places 2011 Survey!  I was so grateful for all your feedback and kind kind words!  I love that you are inspired by this site and all the random things I post here.

I'm going to take a little blogging break this week, and, hopefully next tuesday when you come back here there will be a bit of a redesign (or, if I am clever enough, a major redesign!)  We'll see how it goes. I'm taking all your opinions and concerns into consideration with this, and I really hope that when I return 10KP will be stellar!  (Have you felt that I've been in a slump recently?  I have...)

In the meantime, be sure to check out my tumblr, Wonderment.  I had taken a little break from posting on tumblr because I had gajillions of rolls of film to develop, but I'm posting again there, so I hope you enjoy.

Oh, yeah, and: the winner of the Jams by Mags giveaway was #21, Karie Cross!  Congratulations, Karie!  I've emailed you will all the info about claiming your prize.

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  1. There was never a more deserving and delighted winner of jam than Karie Cross. Congratulations, Karie! I wish I was there to share it with you.