August 15, 2011

Shall We Gather at the River

In this room, there is Peace. (Photo)

Sitting on a rock, feet in the water, Leffe in hand / Dagny's Heaven Bars / pre-pilgrimage Peruvian chicken dinner / the final scene of The Third Man / singing through an entire folk-song book at midnight, with the windows wide open, and not caring how loud we got / s'mores over an electric stove / finally getting my laundry done / the mist over Signal Knob / rock towers visible from the roadside / the blue heron awkwardly flying above us, too quickly to photograph / Pia the gypsy cat / finding a vintage cherry pitter / "O Clementine" sung with "mock seriousness" / sneaking in foreign words during boggle / puffy pancakes with real maple syrup / Recuerdo / shapes in the clouds / home again, with Foyle's War, pizza, and a thunderstorm.

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