August 01, 2011

Don't Let this Fading Summer Pass You By

Magpie comes a calling
Drops a marble from the sky
Tin roof sounds alarm
And wake up child
Let this be a warning says the magpie to the morning
Don't let this fading summer pass you by

--Neko Case, Magpie to the Morning

I'm not going to lie: it's been a good summer so far.  New realizations, a lot of hard work, a joyful time in California, and a fierce determination to enjoy every single day as much as possible--honestly, my only complaint has been Washington's incredible heat (day 14 of 90+ weather).  

But this weekend it hit me that its already August, and I have so much still to do.  Learn the guitar.  Kayaking and  sailing. Make 200 jars of jam. Go camping. Hear the Bohemian Caverns house band. See Screen on the Green. Become a regular at our favorite dive bar. Explore.  Savor the sunshine.

So, I'm determined to make August the celebrate summer month, and will savor every moment.

Who's with me?

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