August 18, 2011

Cozy: Lonny Mag

Cranford (for those who don't know, that's what we call our apartment) is in uproar these days.  It's been a summer of transitions and visitors, and lots and lots of sticky jam sessions. We've not really been able to air out the apartment because it's too hot and humid. Meanwhile, the ants are infiltrating, so everything is upside down in anticipation of the exterminators visit.  Right now all my jam stuff, newly organized, is sitting on a folding table in my bedroom, the kitchen counter-tops are bare and all the appliances scattered round the dining room, there are drapes being made for Myrna's bedroom, and a 20lb jar of sugar next to the television.  Plus, the white sofa is stained again, and the blankets we pretend are slip covers keep falling off their chairs.

So I am craving air, light, peace, beauty, and everything in its place.  Design wise.  (All images from Lonny Magazine.)

May/June 2011 by Angie Hranowsky
Jan/Feb 2011 by Lynn Nigro
Aug/Sep 2010 by Cath Kidson
Oct/Nov 2010 by John Robshaw

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