August 12, 2011


I was soooooooo happy with the answers of the survey coming in that you guys love my clippings posts.  Because I love putting them together.  Clearly, I like many many things, and it is nice to be able to clear the decks of all these items I want to share that I don't feel I could write a whole post about.  Silly or serious, I love sharing them with you.  (Ps. Haven't taken the survey yet?  Come on!  Do it!  You could win jam!)

And do I have a treat today.  Gerard Butler.  Ralph Fiennes. War. Intrigue. Revenge. Shakespeare. Did I mention Gerard Butler? (First Things via PES):

What else is on the plate?

+ The riots in London are scary, I don't want to discredit that, and I have found this article very interesting and helpful.  But, also helpful was the Slate piece making the rounds:  Why Londoners are Using Baseball Bats Also: the evolution of the baseball bat (via PES)  And, my friend Kristen wrote this, on the 22 year old who organized an anti-riot of drinking tea.

+ A gorgeous summer cheese plate.

+ You know how I said I don't use recipes.  Sometimes that turns out for the good, other times, not so much.  When I made the panzanella, I also served peaches with marscapone.  It was not the most successful of desserts, though in theory it is excellent.  The following morning, this was in my inbox.  Well, played, my dear favorite food blog, Not Without Salt

+ It has been everywhere, but I really must post it, because the photos are divine, even though the story is ridiculous and exemplary of all that I hate about wedding culture these days.  But all the same: here is Kate Moss' wedding portfolio.

+ The Garden of Eden has been located.  Maybe.

+ A gorgeous gorgeous edition of Heart of Darkness.  via Farmolio

+ And finally, happy happy birthday to The Smithsonian!


  1. Re Kate Moss' wedding: the photos are lovely. What's extremely irritating to me, however, is their contrast to Kate's reality.
    Photos: beautiful Kate in fairytale dress, surrounded by throng of adoring children in innocent white dresses. Reality: Kate the crack-addict who seems to spend time with her own child but rarely; and are these other children rented? What kind of parents let their small children hang with Kate Moss? And AS IF Kate loves to spend her free time with little children!
    Photos: Kate & Co. traipsing into country church behind gowned minister. Reality: Kate & Co.'s disturbing lifestyle/history, plus apparent lack of any religious interest at any other point in her life, excepting the day she had her daughter christened, which I can only imagine was a great photo-op too.
    And then - they had the choir sing "You Can't Always Get What You Want" - in a church?!?!? Ugh ugh ugh. That is beyond tacky. The whole thing is so fakey-fake it makes my skin crawl.
    I know you weren't approving any of it, only admiring the photos, but my grouchy self still wanted to rant at the absurdity of that whole production.

  2. Hi Lina: as I said: the article is exemplary of all the things I hate about modern weddings. But, the decor, and that little church--ah! just lovely.

  3. Absolutely agreed. Sorry for being so curmudgeonly. Your blog is an oasis of beautiful and interesting things, and I'm sorry for bringing such a negative comment to this entry.