August 24, 2011


On Friday, Myrna, Sidecar, Desi and I went to hear god-awful Jazz in the Park at the National Gallery's sculpture garden.  When the sky turned gray, we popped up to Pitango and got the second best gelato in the city (here's the best). And, as we were sitting on the bench eating, gabbing, having a ball, the heavens opened and we had the most marvelous rain storm.  Our bags got quite soaked, and so did our shoes, and we watched as people ran through the storm, with newspapers or paper bags over their heads.  It was quite hilarious, and we had a ball.  Finally, Sidecar pulled out his phone and we sang, at the top of our voice, "Singing in the Rain", and other charming show tunes. It was less than professional, and hardly genuine busking, but it was an awful lot of fun.

All of which is to say: I love this video of Neil Young busking in Glasgow. (via Poppytalk)

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