July 11, 2011

There and Back Again

The Queen Anne's Lace was blossoming by the side of every highway. (Taken with Instagram.)
Well, I had some lofty plans to blog during my vacation, but then it was just so nice not to be checking my email or my reader (oh boy, I have 2000 unread posts!) so I never got around to blogging.  I did make 300 jars of jam for a wedding.  And I did explore Mom and Dad's island (and met a lovely little rattlesnake). And I caught-up with old friends, held a lot of babies, and took a lot of photos.

 Here's a quick look at some of my Instagram photos from the week. Lots more to come.
"The Grape Dude" welcomes you to Napa. (Taken with Instagram)

My Favorite Flags (Taken with Instagram)

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  1. Nice to have you back! I love the 1950's vacation snaps. ;-)