July 13, 2011

A Quick Jaunt Through Napa

I really want to do a post on Mare Island--where my parents now live--but I haven't had time to write it.  It's such a strange strange place that it definitely needs further explanation.  But here, without much more than a couple captions, is a quick drive through Napa to Rutherford (all photos taken with Instagram):

The "Grape Dude" welcomes you to Napa.

As does this lovely ridge of eucalyptus.

I always forget how much I love the colors of CA:
dull gold, dark olive green, and bright bright blue sky.

I used to work here.  Some of the best, though most expensive, sandwiches in the country.

The Napa "Pallisades" make for pretty scenery.

This was one of my favorite buildings in the valley growing up,
and I was so glad when someone bought it, and fixed it up into a winery.

Mission Church of the Holy Family, founded 1912, Rutherford

A California Oak and the Western Mayacama Mountains.

14 Miles to Napa

One of the Mayacama Peaks (in Yountville)

The grass really is gold, loves.


  1. Beautiful! And so different from the East Coast, it really looks like Spain.

  2. It's so stunning! I would love to visit some day, if only to sit in the golden grass and read! Beautiful post!

  3. Thanks guys. I say, lets all go there for the rest of the summer?