July 12, 2011

Mid-Week Post Vacation Clippings

A Day at Dogfishhead Brewery.

No seriously, guys.  I have over 1500 unread articles in my Google reader.  Plus 12 unopened invitations to Google+. Plus over 500 unread messages in my inbox (mostly, I'll admit, metro alerts and spam).  But here are a few things I did get to read while on vacation.

+ Fr. Dwight on loosey-goosey words in the confessional, and on cohabitation.

+ Our novices play jazz.  Oh yes they do.

+ Gorgeous photos (and goofy gifs) of an afternoon at Dogfish Head making strawberry beer (above).

+ Pure Peter Lawler Gold:
Let me share with you an alarming study that came to my attention a couple of years ago.

Americans are now drinking more bottled water than beer. The persons who reported on the study comments that this has got to be bad for our future as relational and political beings.

...I rarely drink water unless I’m really thirsty. After all, what’s the point? Where’s the pleasure, the fun? If I do drink water, I make sure it’s from a tap. Bottled water is the biggest scam going; it’s not really less dangerous or better for you. I have to admit I do like carbonated water a little, especially the very cheap Kroger brand (and I guess Walmart has some equivalent). Drinking water, as the article says, is a shamefully privatized, narcissistic act.
+ I've never been a big fan of Butterfingers, but I think I could get behind these home-made versions.  (Also, Not Without Salt is quickly becoming my favorite food blog.) (Case in point.)

+ One of my favorite wedding presents is to give two bottles of wine: one for their first year anniversary and one for their 10 year anniversary (or, honestly, any combination of years).  Here's a great way to wrap them. (Works for hostess gifts, too, of course.)

+ I can't wait for this day to come.

+ David Macauley's books, Cathedral, Castle, City, Mosque, Pyramid, etc. etc. etc. are some of my very favorites (and excellent additions to anyone's collection/coffee table).  The Atlantic did a profile on him and his new book, Built to Last, with photos and video and all I can say is: YES!

+ This is "lit-trally" the worst dye job I've ever seen.  And for Lifetime?!

+ Loving the continuing coverage from the Fug Girls of Wills and Kate's Canadian and Californian adventure.  I did not run into them at the airport, alas.  Also, this may be my favorite dress of the year even though it is lilac.

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