July 18, 2011

Mare Island: Flora

I cannot wait to get my film from California developed!  I took a roll up to the top of the hill at the end of my street, and took tons of pictures of the sunset.  In the meantime, here are more Instagram pictures of some of the flora on Mare Island. Mare Island has a lot of fascinating flora--trees especially. Besides the usual eucalyptus, palms, and California black oaks, there are many trees brought from all over the world to the former Commodore by his captains. Magnolia, and Japanese Maples and Jackarandas, and many more trees flourish on the island because of the temperate climate and wealth of sunshine.

The marshes, with their wild fennel (yellow blooms) and high dense grasses.

The wild fennel (on the ridge here) can grow up to 12 feet tall.

The light catches the branches so beautifully.

Jasmine grows all over the neighborhood, and is especially fragrant at night.

And there are these pretty little vines all over the place too.

An easel and chair sat under this tangerine tree. I can't blame the aspiring artist. These are sumptuous.

Ah! Eucalyptus! I can't even begin to tell you how much I love these dusty, gentle giants.

Close-up of the eucalyptus trunk.

The Jackaranda tree is native to South America, and I used to see 
them all the time in Florida. The flowers really are this vibrant.

But, perhaps favorite of all: the golden grasses.

Tomorrow will be my last Mare Island post: some fun details around the island.

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