July 19, 2011

Mare Island: Details

Ok, it's my last Mare Island Post for now (still need to get my film developed), and these are just a couple of random shots--details around the island that struck me.

In the old rec center from the base (built in the early 40s, I'd say) there was a bowling alley, of course.  The sign is still there (so is the bowling alley, I assume), but the neon tubes are all broken and tangled. 

My two favorite flags.

This is the rubber tread on the street approach to the railroad track.  I love the rounded chevron patter.

Are you part of 'THE "IN" CROWD'?

Shadow Play.

They've "cleaned up" some parts of the Island--we like to assume these areas were used for scary and intriguing things (it was a nuclear submarine facility) (ps why was a nuclear submarine facility built so close to a major US city?)--but those areas are still fenced off, and have these creepy little bunkers with (you can't really see them in this photo) tall radio antennae.  So, you know, we wonder what really goes on. 

Golly, I love these palm trees.  Like fireworks.

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