July 25, 2011

A Damp Gust Bringing Rain

Summer Storm I, from Wonderment Photography.

It's been hot in the Mid-Atlantic.  Well, everywhere, really.  And I am loathe to complain about it, except to say that last night it really got to me.  Until that point I had sort of been enjoying it.  On Friday, Myrna and I were running errands (more on that anon) and the heat made us a little carefree too, so we'd spontaneously popped into a pub at 3 in the afternoon for a pint and fish tacos.  We watched Much Ado, while building a cabinet, and then forced ourselves outside for jazz at the Hotel Mandarin.  All that heat felt good: it was sometimes quite overwhelming, but we could still rejoice in it and get stuff done and enjoy ourselves.

Saturday was much the same story, only instead of errands I hopped from adventure to adventure including, but not limited to, seeing Harry Potter on IMax (and it was amazing), and spending about 6 glorious hours on a back porch, drinking dark and wonderful rum concoctions and talking about everything and nothing.

By the time Sunday rolled around, though, I was practically useless, and honestly totally miserable. I know I shouldn't be so self-pitying, and I know that there are a lot of people who are much much much worse off than I, and who must do so much more than simply sit in a hot apartment (our air conditioning is essentially non-existent), but it was truly an awful evening.

So, I was so glad when, sitting at my desk in my dark and somewhat cool office, I heard a rush of wind, and saw the grey sheets of rain come pouring down on poor, dry, anxious, sweltering Washington.

(This evening on Wonderment, Summer Storm II.)

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