July 22, 2011

Clippings: Beat the Heat

Scottish Terrier, 1963 by Piano Piscali

Isn't this terrier adorable? How does he have so much personality without an actual face?  He was drawn by illustrator Piano Piscali, and I found him on Animalarium.  

+ Add this to the list of career's I'd like to have: Guerrilla Librarian (WSJ, subscription only)

+ My history and literature professor in High-school spent at least a week talking about the beer of the Egyptians and Greeks. This was crucial to our understanding of history, he assured us (or, at least, it got the boys to pay attention).  So, my interest was piqued when I saw this article in The Smithsonian about archeology, beer, human history, and Dogfish Head. (Also: Strawberry Beer at Dogfish.  Did I share this already?)

+ My 80 year old aunt is horrified by how many eggs I eat.  But, honestly, they are cheap, delicious, and full or protein and good fat.  (Even my farmer's market eggs at $4/dozen are worth it, considering one dozen is 8-10 meals.) Bookmarked, then: 25 + Fried Egg recipes from The Improvisational Cook.  I would like to second Sally's recommendation to read MFKFisher's How Not to Boil an Egg in The Art of Eating.  And this Squash Blossom Frittata from Food 52.

+ "Very interesting (and beautiful) man, tired of being found very interesting (and beautiful) seeks (probably similar) woman tired of the same thing. I’m mid 50’s, you’re younger, probably interested in having children." --The London Review of Books Personals (via Miss Hale)  *hours of entertainment!*

+ Also hours of entertainment: The Color of... via Liz.  Who is determined to make me go blind by staring at the computer for too long.

+ The house in The Royal Tenenbaums was one of the best characters of the film. Pop Pilgrims (love that name) visit the actual Harlem location (via Nathan).

+ I like this Best of Clarendon/Courthouse/Ballston list.  But they always forget about Astor.  Astor is the best.

+ One thing I love about Frank Lloyd Wright was that he wasn't above designing normal practical things like...gas stations. Can you see Frank Ghery doing that?

+ In spite of the heat, I am kind of high on Summer! And, thankfully, my favorite daily painters have been just stellar this week.  Edward B. Gordon (below) and Julian Merrow Smith.

+ Can you name all these movies by their last frame?  I got about 75%, even though many I had never seen. (via Peter)

+ I am going to see Harry Potter this weekend (on IMax!), so forgive me for getting these links to you a week after the big release: Stephen King on Potter v. Twilight; the publishing history of Harry Potter; Fug Girls' look back at the HP stars (especially this photo).

+ In all this heat, I need to cook as very little as possible: Charred Corn Tacos, Summer Pudding, Strawberry Basil Spritzer.

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