June 30, 2011

Recipe Bucket List

So, you know, I am going home next week, and I am thrilled.  It's going to be busy--wedding, jam making, visiting with Boy Wonder and Curry (and their little one!), chillaxing with mom, baby-clothes shopping with Emma.  But I am, perhaps, most excited about doing some cooking.  Mom and Dad have a huge, beautiful kitchen, which opens onto the family room, so I can spend all day cooking things that I'd never dare attempt in our little galley kitchen. Or cannot attempt because they require a grill.  Or they require good wild Alaska King Salmon.

+ Grilled Strawberries with Brown Sugar Pound Cake from Not Without Salt (picture, below)
+ Zucchini Fritters from Ezra Pound Cake
+ Apricot Pistachio Tart from Starting in December
+ Cariofi Alla Romana from Sassy Radish
+ Salmon Charmoula from Dinner Tonight (picture, above)

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