June 14, 2011

Reason to Move to Brooklyn #1

I only need one, other than a job, when it is a reason this good: home delivered seltzer water. And this isn't some hipster "artisanal ice" concept--this is the real deal, home delivered in a blue glass bottle, like days of old:
But before Machica can fill the bottles, he has to have seltzer. At Gomberg, New York City tap water is triple-filtered through layers of sand, charcoal and paper, chilled—since cold water absorbs more carbon dioxide—then pumped into a carbonator, where two paddles beat the water together with carbon dioxide gas.

Machica then takes over, loading empty bottles upside down into the cast iron bottler, where the water is forced down through the spout.

The result, still cool to the touch, is one bottle of pure Gomberg seltzer. “This is the best seltzer you will ever taste,” says Machica, offering a freshly made sample in a Styrofoam cup. Tickling the nose, sparked with flavors you’d swear were lemons, limes and rejuvenating minerals, it’s wickedly bubbly, rocking in the cup like a mini-earthquake.

Thing I learned about Seltzer from this article:
+ Club soda has added sodium, and tonic water has quinine (this is for you, Miss Hale), but seltzer is just carbonated water.
+ It is named after the town of Niederselters in Germany.
+ Some people used to pay $500 just to get their seltzer delivered.  Back when $500 was way more than $500 is today.
+ Seltzer bottles were made in the late 1800s in Czechoslovakia, and even today's seltzer men have to provide their own bottles for their customers, so they use those old vintage ones!


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