June 13, 2011

Music Crush: Soulbutter & Hogwash

Some friends of mine have done what I honestly think they should have done years ago: recorded a folk/bluegrass album.  Of course, the fellows live scattered all around the country. They have kids, they have jobs, some of them are even studying to be priests.  So it wasn't really possible, I suppose, till they had an excuse.  Their excuse? The proceeds for this album goes to the school where they all met, St. Gregory's Academy in Scranton, PA.

I bought it instantly, and Myrna and I have had it on repeat all week long.  These boys can sing, they can play, they are clearly having a lot of fun, and they even write their own arrangements and melodies for songs and great old poems.

Their description:
In the spring of two thousand and eleven, a group of friends returned to a place that once was home - a boarding school in the hills of Northeastern Pennsylvania, called St Gregory’s Academy. Their love of folk music took root many years ago at that school; and it was in those hills that these songs were laid down.
Now, honestly, how can you resist that? You can become a fan on facebook to find out more. Or just purchase here. Here are a couple tracks to preview:


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