June 23, 2011

Clippings: Early, Full

Maryland Ave, Annapolis, from Wonderment

Oh, my mind is exploding with a million things I need to do right now so I am actually going to post clippings today, and not post anything tomorrow.  Maybe I'll be back Monday.  Maybe tuesday.  I don't know.

+ In the Catholic world, you've surely seen a bunch of post about the John Corapi scandal. It is a scandal, less because he was accused of bad things (those accusations could be false, after all), and more because of his response. Besides this post, from a woman who greatly admired Corapi, and this post about the dangers of celebrity and blogging, I think the only thing left to be said is: we must pray for him, for his accuser, and for all those that are troubled by these developments.

+ By the way, the new Catholic World Report website is great, and I highly recommend you take a look around.  They've archived all their articles, and highlighted some of the best, and they are blogging now, which is great. And there are some short essays that are web exclusives, too.  So much goodness.

+ Deep fried kool-aid balls may not be as crazy as you'd think, but they still sound gross to me!

+ Finally!  DesignSponge's weekly column "Living In"--which pairs stills from classic movies with items for you home and garden--has gotten out of hipster mode.  This week, GOOP's adaptation of Emma, which has its flaws, I will readily admit, but set design is not one of them.  This film has affected my home-style more than any other, I think--especially when it comes to the use of color.  Check it out.

+ The week's must read: WSJ's Jonathan Last review of the new book Unnatural Selection, written by Mara Hvistendahl, a pro-choice journalist who exposes and evaluates sex-selective abortion and what it means for our future. It is sobering and troubling.

+ This is a brilliant way to cut corn off the cob, and I can't believe I never thought of it before.

+ The Atlantic has had several fascinating design posts recently, including this visual history of the alphabet, and another article that I can't find now.  Blast.

+ Terry Teachout jumps aboard the We love Cole Porter train.  And I know I'm laughing.

+ Stacy London of What Not to Wear and her dad Herb, wrote a great piece about the importance of what one wears.  On National Review Online. And man, it is great. (HT: The Courtier)

+ Br. Gabriel wrote an insightful piece about Aleita Andre, the 4 year old who is taking the art world by storm.

+ Jenny and Andy have great tips as usual on getting your kids invested in dinner--and ready to try something new.

+ Emily Hale rounded up some awesome Muriel Spark quotes on Campaign for More Green Dresses. So glad she's blogging with me there!

+ Peach shortcake.  YES YES YES!

+ Not at all unusual, Dorothy Parker says exactly what I'm feeling (should I be worried? Not this time.)

+ DC book lover types: Bartleby Books is officially closing on July 2nd.  This is of course VERY SAD as it was an excellent rare bookseller, with good, fair prices.  But, it is also exciting because they are offering 30% off their inventory.  And it is not quite as sad because they are reinvigorating their online presence.

Ok.  That's plenty of stuff to keep you busy for a couple days.  I'll be back next week...assuming I don't melt into a puddle first.  loves!

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  1. That Stacy/Herb London article is really great! I especially like the part at the end about self esteem. Wish I could send that to all the "education experts"!!