June 13, 2011

Clear the Decks Clippings

It's been a couple weeks since I've done a clippings post, especially since last week I just posted poetry, I thought I'd clear my clippings folder and share things this morning, to get the week started.

+ A new blog/project/online magazine for "small gatherings" called Kinfolk.  It launches in July, and it looks lovely. (via For Me For You)

+ Catherine, duchess of Cambridge, really rocks a pink and silver sequined frock.

+ Awesome old photographs of Italians--like the charming one above.  (via Miss Moss)

+ Fr. Dwight Logenecker on the Anglican Ordinariate. And The Book of Common Prayer goes Catholic (via DN).  And, while we're at it, Rowan Williams, archbishop of Canterbury, says Shakespeare was Catholic (via CWR's awesome new blog).

+ A design book about design books (via The Atlantic)

+ My bookclub read H.L. Menken's autobiography last fall.  I wish we had had this letter at the time: Menken's 29 points to a life well (or at least tolerably) lived. (via Letters of Note)  (Also on Letters of Note: who Bond switched his ladie's gun with a revolver.)

+ GQ interview of Gene Hackman, who, honestly and truly, is the only actor who always always always pleases me when I see him.  I've honestly never seen a bad performance of his, nor a film where I didn't like him in it (even if the rest was rather lame). (via PS)

+ I'd like to just say for the record that this is the worst redesign I have ever seen in my entire life.

+ I never thought I'd link to an article about the show Jersey Shore.  But, here you are (trust me!).

+ When I was in highschool we took chemistry and astronomy classes at the community college.  Our professor shared his office with a nutritionist, who had tacked on his wall 5 or 6 specimens--twinkies that were as old as we were. The filling was gone, but otherwise they looked just like "fresh" twinkies.  Makes sense, then, that only 3 of the 37 twinkie ingredients featured in this photo series are recognizable.

+ Once I went to a dinner hosted by ISI where Joseph Epstein was the speaker.  You know those dinner talks--if they are good, they have a couple interesting quotes, just clever enough to keep your mind off the rubber chicken you just ate.  Mostly, I snooze through them.  Not his.  I was captivated from first to last. Likewise this: Joseph Epstein on boredom.

+ Last but certainly not least: it is the 250th anniversary of the first "post-modern" novel, the brilliant and hilarious Life and Times of Tristan Shandy.  Here's a look at the famous "marble page".

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