May 11, 2011

Writers' Homes and Writers' Rooms

I honestly cannot understand why something so simple as a desk littered with papers would be so fascinating, but I have just loved the series (now finished, but archived, yay!) that the Guardian did of photographs of writers' rooms.  It is wonderful to see how they use light, whether they have other books around them; do they face huge windows to thus be inspired (or distracted) by the world, or are they oriented inward. Many of them are authors I only vaguely recognize--but they did feature some historic authors too, like Austen, Darwin, and George Bernard Shaw.  That's David Lodge below and Seamus Heany above.
  Meanwhile, I saw yesterday at The Atlantic these fun pen and ink drawings of writers' houses.  Created as a way to support the online project Writers' Houses: Where Stories Live, artists Michael Fusco and Emma Straub have teamed up with A.N. Devers (author of one of my favorite literary twitter feeds) to present these $20 screen-print illustrations of different writer's houses. And they are charming:

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