May 04, 2011

Wednesday Shopping: Wedding Wear

Guess what, friends? My May 2011 has been completely booked, since May of 2010. I have two weddings, two graduations, and an ordination to attend here in DC, and have turned down, as a result, invitations to two other weddings, and a baptism. Plus a invitation for a long weekend in New England. What does this mean? I need some new dresses. And I was having the hardest time finding dresses this spring. I want to wear color, and everything is beige. I want a print--but not one that is trying to hard or to attention grabbing--and all I find are solids. Since none of the events have the same crowd, I told myself I could get one dress at a higher price range. Here is my dream outfit (though, actually, I found a pretty silk dress at a consignment shop so...).

DRESS: I have been enjoying the resurgence of watercolor florals, but they are usually such insipid colors.  This, with blues, lavender, reds and pinks, and the essential deep olive green, is adorable. It is a lightweight silk, so it will be breezy and comfortable, even though it is straight skirt.

JACKET: Wear this lovely dusty blue linen jacket while in Church (or the freezing hotel ballroom).  Wear it later with jeans and a striped t-shirt at the after party.

ROSETTE: Due to my current obsession with wedding hats, I think a big flower pin nestled in a side braid is an absolute necessity.

HEELS: I find ankle straps the best shoes to dance in: they give you support while still looking strappy and elegant.  I'd never say these shoes are comfortable, but the platform does help.  And they are such a great color. 
EARRINGS: These delicate earrings won't distract from the rose hair pin, but will playfully reflect light, and match the roses in the dress.

CLUTCH: I love mixing prints, but it is tricky.  The patterns should share a color, at least, and hopefully be different scales.  So this organic, simple polka dot in navy and cream echoes the colors of the dress and shoes, but since it is a simple pattern it doesn't distract from the complexity and richness of the dress. 


  1. mags,
    I am LOVING these choices. Have you tried Macy's?? I was having the same issue, so I feel your pain. I ended up going black with bold accessories. Good luck!

  2. Colleen8:18 PM

    If there's one thing that makes me glad I now live in the South, it's the ease with which I found new spring dresses. In LA it was impossible. It's amazing how very different the inside of two Macy's stores can be.

  3. Ooh - so pretty! I love all your choices, even (or especially?) the big red flower that I'd never have the guts to wear but wish I did! Enjoy your May.