May 25, 2011

Summer Fashion: Swimsuits

Ugh. This is the least enjoyed yet most necessary aspect of summer shopping, but I have not bought a swimsuit for 4 years, so it really is time.

(Clockwise from top, left)
I love the simple cut, and charming print of this Lands' End suit--and it is red! without being RED!, if you know what I mean. ($79)

And I love the deco-ombre feel of this Eddie Bauer "miracle suit"--and it does take a miracle, eh? ($99)

Ah!  This bright blue ikat print is a show-stopper from J. Crew. ($88)

I've never tried a strapless bathing suit--I assume it is not really the best for swimming in--but these polkadots are so cute!  And it does come with adjustable straps.  Plus, no tan lines! ($34)

This Anthropologie piecework suit is basically the best bathing suit ever.  I know it's wild.  But I love it. Alas, it's also way out of my price range. ($198)

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  1. That Anthropologie suit is beautiful! Second choice is the red Lands End.