May 26, 2011

Summer Fashion: Sunglasses

For my last Summer Fashion Post (thanks for indulging me!) I want to focus on two crucial elements of summer style: sunglasses. Last summer I finally admitted to myself (and now the world) that my distance vision is no longer perfect.  In fact, its really not good at all.  Besides my pride being hurt, I am most disappointed by the fact that I can no longer buy cheap sunglasses.  I used to have 4 or 5 pairs going at a time. Gone are the days when I can pick up crazy $2 sunglasses in a myriad of colors to suit my whims.  Now I need to carefully consider and purchase only the best sunglasses because they have to last me all summer...and on.

First up: These Ray-Ban Wayfarers are classics, of course.  And in green!  Be still my beating heart.  ($119)

(Side note: when I did buy my glasses, I fell in love with a deep olive green pair of glasses.  They were $300 for the frames, alone!  But they were perfection.  It took every ounce of self control to not buy them. )

I love love love love these super-retro shades from Liberty of London, featuring some of their signature flower prints. At £130.00, though, I must restrain myself.

Spex Vision has sunglasses for only $88 a frame, and they come in tons of fantastic styles.  These three are my favorites. (Clearly, they can be bought as regular glasses, too!)

If, lucky you, you don't have to go with prescription sunglasses, may I recommend Anthropologie, which has more fun styles than your typical drugstore, but still pretty affordable (around $20).  Here are my four favorite styles. Or, go crazy.  Here are some very silly shades (and some stylish ones too!) from Urban Outfitters, for $10-$20.


  1. Anonymous7:07 PM

    hey, what are the sunglasses in the last picture of of the post in the top right corner called, and where are they from?? LOVE THEM

  2. they were from Anthropologie. I doubt they still have them, but they might have others.